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Are you searching for a whiter and brighter smile? more accessible treatment option for whitening or has it been overly sensitive when you tried? No one is immune from yellow teeth and can be caused by are tea, coffee, smoking, wear and tear from getting older and illness and in some cases, individuals just have yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can provide lasting results if done and maintained correctly.

Our team is made up of qualified dental professionals with more than 11 years of teeth whitening experience. Minimise risks and maximise predictability when administered under a qualified dental professional to provide longer-term results saving you money rather than temporary whitening which may last for only a few months. We provide mobile bleaching service in the comfort of your own home done by dental professionals (currently servicing up to 20km from Adelaide, Victoria Square)


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Our consultation includes a consult, oral hygiene assessment and impressions. We tailor our whitening program to suit your needs and lifestyle. We include custom-fitted trays, shipped to your door in under 2 weeks. The trays are then worn for a prescribed period of time for several days or weeks. Results are usually seen from a few days to 2 weeks. We will guide you throughout your progress to maximise your success.

*You will need to have had or plan to have a dental examination within the last 4 months and x-rays (bitewings) within the last 12 months with no outstanding dental treatment (required) before whitening.

If you do not have a dentist we have bundled packages for you at discounted prices.

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At Home



2-4 Hours


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up to 6 shades

whiter & brighter

Qualified dental

At Whitening Studio, we have provided over 11 years of dental care to people and education within the University. Eventually, the passion lied within teeth whitening, seeing people smile with confidence. Having substantial experience with whitening programs to incorporate the latest home-whitening techniques taught by world leading educators in dental bleaching such as Professor Laurence Walsh, Dr. Linda Greenwall, Dr. Sibel Antonson just to name a few.

The overwhelming force of social media influencers hustling endless products, how do you choose one and know if it’s safe and effective? 

There have been too many instances of unqualified operators who are not dentally qualified providing unsafe whitening.

We have a growing team of dentally accredited professionals who are registered with APHRA and indemnity insured who are qualified to provide advice on whitening and your oral hygiene. We tailor our program and are always trying to improve the consumer experience of whitening. Being mobile, makes whitening convenient and comparatively more affordable.

We believe and care about your oral health and will assist you in achieving the greatest desired asset you can wear, your smile! Currently available in Adelaide.

AHPRA registered, Indemnity insured, Police Checked and Working with Children & Vulnerable Persons checked.

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0422 420 125


123 King William Rd
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0422 420 125


123 King William Rd
Adelaide, SA 5000